The school's main enrollment period for the start of the academic year in August is held from January to August each year or until the places are full. Students who register early will be guaranteed a place, those who register later may be on a waiting list if the school is full. In addition, the school's scholarship program is implemented on a first come first serve basis, so the school encourages families and students to apply for scholarships early to have more opportunities.

After the school year begins, the school still accepts students if there are place vacancy.

At Chua Boc and Hoa Lac campuses, the school provides buses to pick up and drop off at home or at the most convenient point if the bus cannot pick up children at home.

Even though the distance to the Boarding campus in Hoa Lac is longer, the school charges the same bus fee to that of Chua Boc day school campus. Students living in Hanoi who choose to study at Boarding campus will go home on Friday afternoon and back to school from Hanoi on Monday morning with free transport provided by school.

On the day the children have after-school club, at TH School Chua Boc campus, the school arranged a flexible schedule to bring the children home in two shifts at 15:00 and 16:00 so that the children who do not join the club could go home earlier and don't have to stay and wait for the other friends to finish the club.

One of the differences between TH School and other international schools is that the school provides breakfast for the children. Breakfast is served from 7:30AM with a varied menu and is very suitable for the preferences of the children.

The school has a dedicated kitchen team with experience working in 5-star hotels, they are career lovers who always research and offer the most suitable menu for the children's age. The preschool menu is different from the Primary and Secondary menu. The children's food is not only nutritious but also always deliciously cooked, beautifully presented, eye-catching colors that naturally stimulate the children's sight and smell.

TH Group owns a system of milk and beverage factories, a system of farms producing rice, vegetables, fruits, etc. to bring the cleanest food source and ensure the safest food for children. , contribute along with physical activities to develop the best physical fitness of students.

Depending on the ages, learning ability, subject choices, the class sizes vary 18 to 25 students per class.

It is not necessary to review before taking the entrance exam because the school does not test subject knowledge. The school assesses cognitive ability (related to language, quantitative, non-verbal and spatial) and English skills. This also provides useful information about your child's academic ability so that the school can have the most appropriate learning plans for your child when he or she enters the school.

TH School is a member of TH Group where there is a Foundation named “For Vietnamese Stature” conducting many humanistic activities and nurturing talents. Each year, the Foundation awards many scholarships valued up to 100% of tuition fees to talented students to study and shine in an international environment.

The school considers students' scholarship applications based on the following criteria:

  • Students take cognitive test (Online computer-based test in 1.5 hours)
  • Write an essay in English
  • An assessment of students’ academic records and other certifications such as English Certificates, certificates of awards that students have achieved..
  • Students attend an Interview with the School Principal

To apply for the scholarship, please fill out the form here.

TH School is proud to be a Vietnamese school, offering an international curriculum taught by international teachers with professional and pedagogical qualifications. Graduates are awarded with IGCSE and A- Levels Certificates which are issued by Cambridge International Examinations - UK. In addition to the international program, students learn Vietnamese language and culture for 20% of their study time. 

The school invests in state-of-the-art facilities, all equipments and materials for student’s learning and practice are imported directly the UK and the US. 

TH School is not a bilingual school because our students do not study both full Vietnamese National Curriculum  and international curriculum at the same time. 

In terms of the name, TH School is not an International School but in fact, TH Students learn international programs entirely and are taught by foreign teachers in a modern and well - preserved environment, while preserving the identity of the language, culture and traditions of Vietnam. 

Our students come 20 different countries and about 30% of them are international students 

TH School is very proud of its unique 80% - 20% model. Of which, students study international curriculums (International Early Years Curriculum, International Primary Curriculum and British National Curriculum) in 80% of their learning time and simultaneously they learn Vietnamese quintessence knowledge for 20% of the time. This helps students to become an international citizen with a solid cultural and linguistic foundation. 

Other international schools in Vietnam also provide international programs but Vietnamese studies is a subject with less time so learning Vietnamese Language and Vietnamese culture/ History/Geography/Civic Educationl. A more special feature in the part of preserving Vietnamese cultural values of the school is that the children learn culture through lessons on Vietnamese folk instruments in music, the art of pottery and Dong Ho painting in Fine Arts... 

Learning at TH School is also interesting with the cross of knowledge between English-based and Vietnamese-based subjects. For example, when students learn about the topics of flows, in the English part they learn the example of Tower Bridge in London with knowledge of the architecture, history of the bridge and in the Vietnamese studies, students learn about Long Bien Bridge accordingly so that they know about history, architecture, geography, etc…Likewise, the knowledge of science remains the same and the knowledge about historical culture is synthesized the world and Vietnam. 

Or in music subjects, instead of using Western instruments like Violin, Ukulele, piano…, TH School uses lithophone, T’rưng, flute, drums to teach students about musical theory. Students still grasp musical theory such as notes, tones, and rhythms but also gradually develop musical passions for the sounds of Vietnamese instruments as well as understand the history and maintenance of culture which is gradually lost. 

For international students, they study 80% of the international curriculum ensuring knowledge and qualifications for them to enroll or transfer to other schools/ countries. 20% of the time learning Vietnamese language and culture brings great benefits to them because they are able to use Vietnamese properly and understand Vietnamese cultural values practically via cuisine lessons, Vietnamese cooking or practicing in ethenic music, visiting museums, and participating in Vietnamese cultural events which helps student’s lives become more colorful and meaningful. 

TH School students follow this pathway: 

  • Kindergarten (Pre KG - KG3): International Early Years Curriculum + International Primary Curriculum + Vietnamese Language and Culture: For children 2-5 years old.
  • Primary Level (Grades 1 - 5): International Primary Curriculum + British National Curriculum + Vietnamese Language and Vietnamese Culture: For Students 6 to 11 years old. Foreign students learn Vietnamese culture in English.
  • Lower Secondary School (Grades 6-8): British National Curriculum for Lower Secondary school + Vietnamese language + History - Geography of Vietnam + Civic (Happy lesson). Foreign students learn Vietnamese according to their proficiency levels and Vietnamese culture in English.
  • Secondary School (Grades 9 -12): British National Curriculum for International Students with IGCSE in Grade 9-10 and and A-Levels in Grade 11 -12 + Vietnamese language + Vietnamese History - Geography + Civic (Happy lesson). Foreign students learn Vietnamese corresponding to their proficiency level and Vietnamese culture in English.

TH School is licensed by the Ministry of Education in Vietnam to teach the international curriculum combined with the quintessential Vietnamese curriculum in the  80%- 20% structure. 

TH School is accredited as a Teaching and examination center of the Cambridge International Examinations, UK. See the link below for further information:

The school is currently completing the registration process as a member of the Western Association of Schools (WASC), Colleges and Schools. 

The school’s curriculum, application software for teaching and learning are officially licensed. 

The following items are covered within the tuition fee: 

  • Tuition
  • All instructional activities including English support class (EAL)
  • Co- curricular activities after ECA class
  • Residential/ educational trips
  • Textbooks, library books and learning materials
  • Examination fees
  • University counseling and career orientation 
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and snacks: 4 meals for Kindergarten and Primary students, 3 meals for Secondary students)
  • Uniforms
  • Student health insurance (for Vietnamese students only)
  • Annual health check 
  • Capital fee 

Beside the tuition fee, parents only pay the bus fee (optional) and Boarding fee if students want to stay at Boarding school in Hoa Lac Campus.

After class, 15:00PM to 16:00 PM, the school organizes a variety of clubs including Sports, Music, Fine Arts, Cooking, Pottery making, Puzzles, Lego, Magic,etc..

Depending on the term, the school organizes 4-5 days of club activities per week and students can sign up 1 to 5 clubs per week. The school bus is divided into 2 shifts: Shift 15:00PM for those who do not join clubs and 16:00PM for those who join clubs. This is great support that the school provides for TH students. 


Currently, TH School have 3 campuses: 

  • TH School at Chua Boc Street: A day school  for Kindergarten (two years old) to grade 12
  • TH School at Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park: Boarding and Day school for grades 9 to 12
  • TH School in Vinh City: A day school for grades 9 to 12.

TH School in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park is one of the most beautiful and modern boarding schools in Vietnam with a spacious campus on an area of ​​2.5 hectares. The school has a very unique architecture in the shape of an 8-petal lotus flower. At TH School Hoa Lac, students study in a green, clean and beautiful environment with state-of-the-art facilities: series of well-equipped science labs and and food technology lab; music rooms with various international and traditional Vietnamese instruments, art and dance rooms…. The school has a dedicated building for sports activities: 4-season swimming pool, multi-functional sports Hall, outdoor soccer field, running/jogging pitch….

Boarding students are accommodated in the Boarding Building with spacious and airy rooms, a common area with many fun activities. Here, the children will have an independent life, manage their own study time, wash their own clothes with washing machines equipped by the school…helping them become independent, self-reliant, matured, and be ready for tertiary education and in life.

Students at Boarding School follow the scientific time frames to ensure balanced development of academic and physical development activities. With sports and other group activities, students will develop well physically and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, the school not only welcomes students other provinces to go to boarding school, but many Hanoi students also want to study and live here, especially for the group of A-Levels as during this time, students focus on studying to prepare for important exams. Staying focused, having good study and practical facilities, and a wide range of books in  the library will help them make the best use of their studies and examinations.

With an area of ​​​​nearly 2 hectares in the city center, TH School in Chua Boc street is attracting more and more students to study.

The school does not make full use of the area for the construction of buildings, but spends a lot of space on planting trees and creating a play space for the children. During break time, the children could explore about plants, flowers, leaves, etc. to help nurture their love of nature and form healthy play habits.

At TH School Chua Boc, the school invests state-of-the-art learning facilities. In addition to the series of science laboratories, music rooms with international and Vietnamese instruments, Art class room, spacious sport hall, the school also has a food technology laboratory for students to experience physics-related learning, learn about nutrition, food safety, know how to classify knives and cutting boards suitable for each type of food... and especially they learn how to cook delicious dishes and make cookeries. Students also demonstrated their ingenuity through pottery works made in the school's pottery room.

Kindergarten children have their own area. The children have classrooms equipped with a variety of toys and learning tools on a variety of topics, separate dining rooms, separate bedrooms and a library with lots of books. In addition to the spacious outdoor play area, the children have an indoor soft-play room and an indoor play area (slide, ball house, trampoline…) The children also have music lessons using instrumental music rooms. Many parents shared that their children did not want to go home at the end of school time because they were very happy at school.

TH School in Vinh City offers IGCSE (Grade 9-10) and A-Levels (Grades 11 and 12). Students other schools who finish grade 8 could enroll into Grade 9 to study 2- year IGCSE or students who finish grade 9 could enroll into Grade 10 to study 1-year IGCSE 

The school chooses to cooperate with Huynh Thuc Khang School because of its more than 100-year history with a tradition of studiousness to encourage students' learning spirit. Moreover, this collaboration helps reduce investment costs, making tuition fees more accessible to families in Vinh and Nghe An. Founding President of TH Schools, Madame Thai Huong wishes to bring international education to her hometown, so that children can "eat home, study at school at hometown and enjoy an international education" .

TH School students will receive world  - recognized  A-Levels certificate . This enable them to matriculate into universities around the world and universities in Vietnam including public universities such as University of Science and Technology, Economics, National University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Science and Technology. Institute of Forreign Affairs… Please see detail herewith.

At TH School, after students have A-Levels certificate, the school will support them to apply for the High School Graduation Certificate issued by the Hanoi Department of Education and Training upon students’ request.

TH School graduates have gone to study abroad in many parts of the world. Many students have won scholarships valued up to 100% of tuition fees in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Korea…