Enrollment guide




Please fill out the basic enrollment information required here or call the hotline at +84 9193 82255 or come directly to the school to register your child for admission.

Our school's admissions staff will contact you as soon as possible to guide you and schedule an entrance exam for your child.



The school will arrange a schedule for your child to participate in the entrance evaluation. The requirements for each level are as follows:

· KG and primary school students:

Students participate in an interview with the Principal in charge of KG and Primary school level (about 30 minutes).

· Secondary school and above students:

Students participate in the following tests:

  • Logical reasoning test (90 minutes)

  • English essay writing test (45 minutes)

  • Interview with the Principal in charge of the Secondary school level (20-30 minutes)

When attending the entrance exam, parents please prepare the following documents for your child:

· Report cards from previous academic years

· Birth certificate (for Vietnamese students) or passport (for foreign students)

· A 4x6 portrait of the student

· A copy of the parent's passport or ID card (for Vietnamese students)

· All Reports from the Education Psychologist for students with learning difficulties (if any)

· Fill in the Admission Application Form (provided by the school)

On the day of the entrance exam, parents also need to pay the registration fee according to the school's regulations.

After the entrance exam, within 2 working days, if the student's file (report card) has been fully provided, the school will notify the results of the entrance exam.


· The school will send a letter of offer for admission when the student meets the school's entrance requirements.

· In some cases, the school will send a conditional admission letter with some instructions for parents and students to follow. This is to improve the student's learning efficiency at TH School.

· The school will usually arrange for the student to be placed in a specific class according to the age group in the Fee Policy. In some cases, the student may be placed in a lower or higher level class after considering the current or previous academic performance, maturity, and English proficiency of the student at the time of application.

· In the event that the school cannot arrange a class for the student due to excessive class size, the student will be placed on the waiting list.

· In the event that the school cannot arrange a class for the student due to the student not meeting the academic, maturity, and English proficiency requirements at the same time, parents can apply for the student to retake the tests 3-6 months after the first entrance exam.



If the student is offered a place at the school, the school will send out a Letter of Offer to the parent via email. Parents will review all the terms and conditions stated in the Letter of Offer and in the email and confirm to the school about the acceptance of place by making the payment of enrollment fee and deposit fee



After the parents have confirmed their child's enrollment, TH School will guide them through the next steps such as completing the necessary paperwork for their child and paying the tuition fees by the due date.



Attend the orientation day for new students before the official start of the school. Parents and children come to the school to participate and listen to the school's guidance on studying, getting to know the teachers, the school, and the class. The school will provide uniforms and stationery for the students.