Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to TH School, as Superintendent of one of the most progressive schools in Vietnam. We are dedicated to nurturing and inspiring students to their fullest potential.

Our students are enthusiastically engaged in learning, supported by well-trained, caring teachers who work in partnership with parents and staff ensuring the very best opportunities for every child.

Students come here with their curiosity, creative flairs and their dreams. They immerse themselves in authentic teaching and learning experiences that span a wide array of academic studies, as well as socialisation and personal wellness. They experience a place where they can feel safe, independent, validated, and grow comfortable in their own self-awareness. They are guaranteed to be challenged academically as they discover and expand their capacity. They are supported by a faculty commited to standing by their side and supporting the,. In TH Schools our students can practice personal expressioin through the arts, in music, Vietnamese culture and in creative writing, in exploration, in literature, and in calculation. They experience schooling as something compassionate and with a sense of belonging.

Throughthe accomplishments of their class work and projects, by way of the challenges that they overcome, and with the relationships they form with each other, they made TH Schools education joyful and on of True Happiness.

Please come and visit us and experience our commitment and devotion to all things educational.

Stephen West