Vision & Mission


For a True Happiness

TH School brings true happiness to children, which is the right to learn, play, make friends and grow in free and adequate environment, being able to express their desires and dreams.

Holistic development

TH School nurtures a well-rounded educational basis, focusing on the holistic development of students including physical, intellectual and social/emotional development, combing school nutrition and Vietnamese essence and the world's.

Dedication, Gratitude & Humanity

TH School creates golden generations with qualities of Dedication, Gratitude and Humanity. Wherever they are, or which field they work on, if being fully prepared with all of the mentioned values, they can achieve the perks in their lives.

Global outlook

TH School inherits the best teaching program in the world to make sure that students are global citizens. That is the development and incubation of virtues that they already have, along with the logical teaching method, which combines teaching and practicing wisely.

Vietnam Essence

TH School celebrates and treasures the root of each individual. Therefore, we always put our minds into teaching students - The global citizens about patriotism and the pride in themselves, family, country, culture and Vietnamese people.


Essential qualities

Accountability - Responsible towards self, friends, family and student's surroundings.

Conviction - Motivated with awareness that we have the importance, the usefulness validity in what we do

Respect - Self respect as well as in the rights of others and the environment we share 

Innovation - Being creative and applying different approaches to get results that succeed

Equity - Understanding in the same resources and the same opportunities for all

Potential - Having the belief, confidence and competence to achieve higher-level goals