Vision & Mission

Our Mission

We seek to empower Vietnam's future leaders to:

  • Think critically
  • Display empathy
  • Act with integrity


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a network of schools through- out Vietnam that provides students a holistic world- class bilingual education, state-of-the-art resources, purpose-built modern facilities and nutritious meals in an internationally minded atmosphere of high expectations, support and kindness.


TH School is an independent, non-denominational, co-educational boarding and day school that offers an internationally focused college preparatory education to host national and international students in grades PreK-12. TH School has been awarded Candidate status by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and will pursue full accreditation during the 2020/2021 school year. TH School has also been authorized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to implement a student-centered inquiry-based curriculum, which blends a holistic English language-based international educational experience with essential elements of Vietnamese language, literature, history and civics for our foreign and Vietnamese students.

TH School imparts the values and attributes of the IPC/IMYC and is committed to supporting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • Provide a safe, secure and academically stimulating environment.
  • Support learner outcomes focusing on inquiry, collaboration, play and personal development.
  • Provide a holistic environment with a focus on students’ physical, intellectual and social/emotional development.
  • Provide a safe, secure and academically stimulating environment.
  • Offer a curriculum that encourages learners to engage the world as global citizens valuing international mindedness and an appreciation for diverse points of view.
  • Cultivate bilingualism focusing on English and Vietnamese language acquisition.
  • Provide a safe, secure and academically stimulating environment.
  • Encourage a deep sense of service and responsibility to protect the rights of all people and the environment.
  • Innovate with technology to enhance learning.
  • Inspire creativity through active problem solving and the fine arts.